How the environmental characteristics of Spain affect the quality of the oranges

Spain is one of the largest producers of oranges in the world, and despite the fact their origin is in China, they did not begin to be consumed as food until they arrived in Valencia, Spain. The climate and the soil of the area made a fruit that until now had an ornamental use to become a food consumption product.

One of the factors that make citrus fruits in Spain have higher quality is high temperatures. Oranges, the most cultivated citrus fruit in the eastern part of the country, enjoy a Mediterranean climate characterized by warm and moderate temperatures. This directly affects the growth of the orange tree and the sugars in the fruit, reducing its acidity. On the other hand, when they are grown below 3º, they can suffer damage to both the flower and the fruit due to the formation of ice in the plant tissues.

On the other hand, the hours of sunshine that we have in Spain favors the flowering and fruiting processes, while the cultivated land close to the littoral zone allows to have the necessary humidity levels, both on the ground and in the environment.

These, among other aspects, are what achieve the excellence of citrus products of Spanish origin.

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