More than 40 years of experience

Clasol was born more than 40 years ago. Our origins go back to Germany. The Claramonte family moves from Spain to this country and begins its journey with the sale of fruit in the “Grossmärkte”. The know-how and experience in the field allow Clasol to gain a position in the German market and to develop its customer network.

Over the years, and with the development of telecommunications, Clasol moves back to Spain, to the Valencian Community and, specifically, to the province of Castellón, a center for the production of quality mandarins. The operations and transactions with customers begin to develop from the origin, because total control to destination is essential in the fresh product.

Now based in Spain, Clasol begins to focus, with eagerness and enthusiasm, on developing its own citrus productions. Origin, control, traceability and care allow the product to maintain its freshness and follow harvesting patterns at the optimum moment of consumption. Thus, we adapt to the demands of our customers, creating programs and developing and adapting our products according to their quality demands.

The field and its control is our priority, that’s why in Clasol we have our own productions, as well as the development of new varieties that we are planting and updating, to cover all the demands of the market and to be able, in this way, to extend seasons and improve existing varieties.

Gradually, the relationship with customers is strengthened and confidence reaches such a point that we begin to serve new products. For that, Clasol developed programs through the creation of partnerships with farmers to serve new fruits and vegetables. All the product we serve is of Spanish origin and follows our total control and our quality standards, based on the demands and requirements of our customers.

100% of our products belong to Clasol and its associates. This allows for comprehensive planning, organization and quality assurance on all Clasol products.

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