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International Olive trees Day

This Sunday is International Olive Day, named in 2019 by UNESCO.

The olive tree is an ancient tree of great beauty that is native to the Mediterranean area and which has a great relevance in the world of agriculture, economy and culture.

Our orange trees in Alcalá (Castellón) are lucky to have as neighbours the olive trees of the Claramonte family that have accompanied them for many years, in fact most of them are centenary.

They are also very valuable for the fruit that grows on them: the olive. A very versatile fruit that is used, among other things, to make high quality oil, such as the one we make together with the Le Cadó Foundation. “Oli de vida” is the name chosen for this “liquid gold”, all the proceeds of which go to research into the fight against breast cancer.

If you want to contribute to the cause you can buy the oil through the following link:

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