Two weeks ago we were awarded with the PYME 2022 CASTELLÓN AWARD, it was a very special day accompanied by nerves and a lot of illusion🥰 To be eligible for this award we had to meet certain parameters in several main categories that show the overall development of the company.

Firstly, we had to have an efficient DIGITALIZATION 💻 development, which has allowed us to efficiently, centrally and automatically manage our operating system. On the other hand, the aspect of INTERNATIONALIZATION 🌎which has been at Clasol since its origins in Germany, as well as that of INNOVATION💡, which we have been developing throughout the company’s history, was essential. But without a doubt, the most important key for us is JOB CREATION💪🏻 and TRAINING📚, tripling the number of employees since 2021 and favoring their professional growth.

All this while always being at the service of SOCIAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL NEEDS 🌱, participating in solidarity projects and applying sustainability policies.



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