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Clasol Life

What is Clasol Life?

Better together

We take care of our relationship with institutions and associations because we believe that in order to make favorable projects for society, it is better to join forces with the people who are dealing with the most relevant situations of society on a daily basis.

sponsorships of charity races
Better together

Our actions

At this point we would like to highlight our activity with the Le Cadó Foundation, a foundation with which we have been collaborating for several years, and whose objective is to fight against breast cancer through research.

Valencian Institute for the Study of Family Businesses. Our collaboration with IVEFA is given through our CEO César Claramonte as a partner, member of the board of directors and also as a representative of IVEFA at the headquarters in Castellón. The aim of the association is focused on supporting and giving voice to more than 500 Valencian companies so that they can fulfill their purpose based on the values of effort, passion and love.

Vitamin for vitamins

In Grupo Clasol we are aware that we are in a very important sector for the health of society, since fruits and vegetables are the basis of a nutritious and healthy diet. That is why we have implemented the Vitamin for Vitamins plan, a plan in which actions will be developed to inform, raise awareness and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Nutritional workshop

that we give at Grupo Clasol's headquarters, with the help of a professional nutritionist.

Talks and workshops

With experts in health, nutrition, physical activity and stress management.

Installation of vending machines in the central offices with healthy options

as well as a sugar-free coffee machine and purchase of items with different options for the health of the team, such as vegetable drinks, infusions and other basic products.

Supporting talent

People are the backbone of development, therefore as a company with qualified professionals we offer our knowledge and experience to contribute to the development of talent.

We participate in Dual Vocational Training programs, where we as a company are part of their training, integrating them into the day-to-day work of our team.

Some of our team members are part of the faculty of universities and business schools.

The training of the team is essential so that the members can develop their knowledge and skills with all the necessary learning tools, whether it is language training, training in computer programs or specialized training in the department and area in which they prefer to grow.


Our commitment to the environment


In addition to obtaining the certificate of the Irrigation and Sustainable Use of Groundwater Program, we have different systems for irrigation savings and responsible consumption in the field, warehouses and offices.


We have developed different lines of residue-free products. The fruit is washed with neutral detergents and we reduce the use of pesticides through sexual confusion methods. We also have different packaging that replaces plastic with more sustainable materials.

Solar energy

We have solar panels in our facilities in Calasparra with the main objective of seeking maximum energy efficiency. Currently the panels are already working at 100% achieving self-consumption in the activity of the area.

Do you have any interesting project you want to tell us about?

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