Pest treatment with pheromones

In order to control the different pests in crops, there are different agro-ecological techniques. One of the most widely used is the use of sexual confusion pheromones together with attractants. This technique is based on placing different special traps distributed throughout the crops and what is achieved is to prevent the sexual encounter between males […]

Cotonet from South Africa: What is it and how does it affect us?

Citrus trees in the Mediterranean area are being affected by the "cotonet" pest, which, although it arrived in Spain decades ago, is now being fought against a new variety that comes from South Africa (Delottococcus aberiae). This species sucks the sap from the tree weakening it and causing damage that varies depending on the type […]

The difficult pear season

After the fall in pear production in Europe, many suppliers have been forced to look for products to fulfil their clients' programmes in other producing regions. In the case of Lérida, where production has not been affected as much as in other regions, this has provided an opportunity for companies in the area to gain […]

How aphids affect crops

The aphid, together with mites, whiteflies and mealy bugs, is one of the most frequent pests on orange trees. They are small insects that are only a few millimetres long but can be detected with the naked eye. The variety of species provides colours as diverse as green, yellow, black or red. They feed on […]

What happens to the fruit when it arrives at the warehouse?

The life cycle of fruit begins in the field and develops in the trees until it is harvested, but... what happens next? The fruit needs to go through certain processes that are carried out in the fruit and vegetable plants to manage, control and reorganise the orders from the different clients so that they arrive […]

How is the sugar in the fruit measured?

Before the fruits are put on sale to the final consumer, they go through a series of controls that ensure the quality of the product and among these controls are the effects to know the organoleptic properties. These properties are those that correspond to the physical characteristics of fruits such as color, temperature, texture,... and […]

Benefits of watermelon for our health, only water?

Oranges have Vitamin C, bananas have Potassium, strawberries have antioxidants,… and watermelon? If we think about the benefits of each type of fruit for our health, we always attribute watermelon its high water content, and indeed 92% of watermelon is water, which provides us with hydration and the necessary electrolytes in the warmer months. But […]

Prevention of stone fruit against frost

Spring marks the beginning of the stone fruit harvest, and peaches, nectarines and Paraguayan peaches begin to be found in supermarkets. Unfortunately, it is a time characterized by a lot of climatic instability, surprising us with adverse conditions: frost, rain, hail. The climate is undoubtedly a fundamental aspect that influences the cultivation of any type […]

How the environmental characteristics of Spain affect the quality of the oranges

Spain is one of the largest producers of oranges in the world, and despite the fact their origin is in China, they did not begin to be consumed as food until they arrived in Valencia, Spain. The climate and the soil of the area made a fruit that until now had an ornamental use to […]

Why eating oranges can strengthen your immune system?

Citrus fruits have numerous health benefits but one of the most important at this time is the reinforcement of the immune system, and more so in this year marked by the Covid-19 pandemic. Low temperatures and winter weather conditions can make us more vulnerable to respiratory infections, allergies, colds, etc. That is why it is […]