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Finalists of the CEPYME Pyme Awards 2023

This is a part of the interview conducted by CEPYME, which is available in full at the following link:

CEPYME 2023 Awards

Clasol is a family company from Castellón, whose origins date back to 1962, which operates in the fruit and vegetable sector, participating in all stages of the value chain: cultivation, processing, marketing and logistics.

Cesar Claramonte is the CEO of Clasol, a finalist in the CEPYME Awards 2023, in the SME of the Year category.

How did you decide to enter the CEPYME Awards?

In 2022 we received the CEPYME500 recognition as one of the 500 leading Spanish companies in growth. In 2023 we have continued working to increase our growth and business development and, with a lot of effort, we have achieved great results. That is why we decided to present our candidacy for different categories of the CEPYME Awards 2023.

What conditions does your company meet to compete for these awards?

The CEPYME Awards recognise different factors in which Clasol has made a great evolution and development in recent years. Business excellence is represented by the considerable increase in our activity, while internationalisation is our mission as a full-service fruit supplier to international supermarkets. In the last three years we have achieved results in job creation with good percentages of equal pay, but also by investing in innovation both in crops and in the management of business processes. All of the above, while maintaining our commitment to the environment and without losing the essence of a family business.

Do you think that the CEPYME 2023 award could improve your company’s image in the eyes of customers, suppliers and future investors?

Although our image is mainly based on the quality of our service and our products, being awarded this prize would be a great opportunity to highlight the hard work that is done every day by all the members of our team.

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