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The citrus season is coming to an end and we would like to share a brief summary of the highlights it has left us with:

This year, the citrus season has faced significant challenges from the beginning, starting with concerns about low production due to adverse weather events, such as hail in the Castellón/Valencia region and drought in Córdoba/Sevilla, which negatively impacted the amount of fruit available for harvest.

However, during the autumn and winter, the weather was milder, with low rainfall and cool temperatures, which provided a favourable environment for citrus production and improved its quality.

The oval shape of the navelinas and a high incidence of creasing or clearing in the Lane Late variety have stood out. On the other hand, in clementines, the low presence of pests such as tetranychus and deltococcus has had a positive impact on their quality and marketing.

Finally, exports experienced a pause due to low demand, high prices and competition from fruit from other countries, which affected the flow of produce to the international market.

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